Beer Education

We are commonly asked, “Why should we educate our staff on what we sell?” There are several excellent reasons why this would benefit you and your company to do so.

  • By teaching your staff about brands, key craft terms, and styles, they can give your consumer a better overall experience by offering suggestions
  • Staff interest will help promote high end brands
  • Profitability- by educating staff you can cut down in waste, increase presentation and with the staff suggestions increase purchase total which equals‚Ķhigher tips!!
  • If your staff knows just a little about craft beers, or beers overall- they know much more than your average consumer. it shows that you are taking pride in your store.
  • Craft brands are the most exciting and growing segment of the beer business
  • Craft beer enhances the customer experience

Contact your Calumet Breweries sales representative to schedule a Beer 101 presentation.