Why should we educate our staff on what we sell?

There are several excellent reasons why this would benefit you and your company to do so.
By teaching your staff about brands, key craft terms, and styles, they can give your consumer a better overall experience by offering suggestions. Staff interest will help promote high end brands. To learn more, read about our Beer Education classes.

How do I know my beer is fresh?

From brewer to the retail shelf or cooler, our beers are rotated on a first in-first out basis to ensure you are getting beer that is within the freshness guidelines established by the brewers. Typically domestic beers are best consumed within 110 days from the date of packaging. Import beers are best consumed within 180 days of packaging. Brewers use coding to identify the “born on” date of packaging, or date of “best before” date.

Most importantly your beer will taste brewery fresh if you store it in a cool environment free of exposure to ambient lighting. Lagers are best served at `38 degrees and Ales at slightly higher temps.

What does ABV mean?

ABV is the acronym for Alcohol by Volume. ABV is a measurement of the percentage of alcohol content of beer, wine and spirits. Domestic and import lager beers typically have an ABV of 4-5% per 12 ounce serving. Ales typically range from 5-10%. In order to enjoy beer responsibly it is important to know the ABV and the size of the serving to ensure you “know when to say when”.

Do you have any Gluten Free products?

Yes, go to the Gluten Free section under the Product tab.

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